Customized Value Adding Services

CONFIGURATION after initial delivery often creates a second touch that cost money and time.  We offer the following services that can optimize your supply chain process:

  • Pre-configure production units to your required specification.
  • Bundle and configure HW and peripherals to ensure local conformity and ease of installation.
  • Provide feasibility test report on SW installation and peripheral compatibility to ensure optimal performance prior to field installation.

We are not in the business of promoting brand but your should be.  We offer you the capability to BRAND you or your customer’s name/logo on any system HW product to maximize commercial exposure.  If we do not have what you are looking for in terms of HW, we invite you to Co-Design with us a product that fits your exact needs and usage.

As an alternative to designing from scratch, we can offer our Professional Procurement Services which combines over 15 years of tier 1 brand procurement experience on finding you the right product directly from manufacturing suppliers by-passing dealer, distributor, channels saving you an average of 30% on purchasing cost.