Professional Procurement and Logistical Services

We pride ourselves in Quality Management with an Annual Failure Rate of less than 0.8% (average). We offer you production inspection reports as service so each time we ship any products to you, you can be assured that your shipment is of top quality.

Not sure of the final destination when you order?  Not to worry when you enroll in our Customer Owned Inventory Program.  We can manage your inventory so you can ship in bulk using the cheapest freight and only deliver when you are ready.  Leave all your worries with us and we will make sure all SLA are met to your specification.  We can even help you do your forecasting so you will always have optimal inventory.

Worried about shipping to countries you are not familiar with?  We can help global companies manage shipment to any country in the world ensuring legal conformance and trouble-free custom making each of your delivery worry free.